About Me:

We live in a world where you can order pizza, pay bills, email your boss, or call mom with a click of a button.  Amazing stuff, but this amount of connectivity can be overwhelming - at least to me.

I find peace and focus through exploration - where I'm forced to live in the present, only on what I can see, smell, feel, or hear in that very instant.  These are the times when I feel most alive.

The camera allows me to encapsulate these feelings of stillness - and I hope these images bring that same feeling to you and your home.


24" x 16" image (26" x 18" print size)*

36" x 24" image (38" x 26" print size)*

48" x 32" image (48" x 32" print size)

*Image size is larger than print size due to 1" border*


Limited edition archival pigment prints.

I use Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth paper to ensure incredible detail & longevity.

Allow 5-7 days for printing.